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What does 'enrichment' in education really look like? A UDL EXAMPLE.

Ever caught yourself wondering, "What does 'enrichment' in education really look like?"

by Zoe Branigan-Pipe

As a special education teacher, particularly with gifted and twice-exceptional students, I've grappled with this question too. To shed some light, I crafted a video, “Enrichment in Education: A Fractals Lesson”, which is less about the math (though, who doesn't get a little thrill from fractals?) and more about showcasing what true enrichment can be.

Enrichment: More Than Just a Buzzword

This video is my way of peeling back the layers of 'enrichment.' This term, often tossed around in educational circles, is about deepening the learning experience. It's not just adding more to the plate; it's about making the plate more intriguing and fulfilling (and who doesn't love a good meal, right?). This video is my attempt to show how enrichment can be woven into any lesson, making it richer and more engaging.

UDL: The Secret Ingredient

In the video, I delve into the world of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and low-floor-high ceiling strategies. Think of UDL as the secret sauce that makes a lesson delicious for every student, no matter their learning style or pace. It's about creating pathways for all learners to access and engage with the content.

The Fractals Lesson: A Canvas for Enrichment

Now, let's talk about the fractals lesson. This isn't just a math lesson; it's a canvas to illustrate how enrichment works. The lesson starts simply, but then, like a good mystery novel, it adds layers of complexity. I guide you through how this lesson becomes a platform for critical thinking, creativity, and yes, a bit of math fun.

Challenging the ALL LEARNERS!

Like all learners... Gifted and twice-exceptional students may have their own style of learning...often march to the beat of their own drum, and they need lessons that match their unique rhythm. This video shows how I challenge them to stretch their thinking, to look at fractals (and learning) in new, exciting ways. It's about pushing them to explore beyond the conventional, to find joy in the journey of learning.

My Vision- research and expert:

Creating this video was more than just a teaching exercise; it was a chance to share my vision of what enriched learning looks like. It's an invitation to my fellow educators to think outside the box and infuse their lessons with creativity and depth. The fractals lesson is just the beginning.

Let’s Enrich Learning Together

So, there you have it – a peek into how I approach enrichment in education, with a sprinkle of fractals for good measure. Let's challenge, engage, and empower our students, showing them that learning is not just about knowledge; it's about discovery, creativity, and passion.

Through this blog post, I wanted to share a snippet of my educational philosophy, blending insights, personal experiences, and a touch of quirkiness. I hope it sparks ideas and conversations in your own educational adventures. Let's keep enriching the minds of our learners, one lesson at a time! 🌈✨

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